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Casper Sleep Mattress King size Review 2018

Casper Sleep Mattress King size Review 2018

Casper Sleep Mattress gets a lot of positive words on the internet.


Are the things people say all true?

Let me take you on a tour to find out this.

Read this review!

Casper Mattress king size

Choosing a mattress for all your comfort needs can seem like an impossible task to accomplish!

Especially when you don’t know which feature caters to which need.


If by chance you have somehow decided on a hybrid of memory foam and latex blend, then you are in luck.

Today I’d like to talk about my experiences with the Casper brand of Sleep Mattress, which without a doubt are the pioneers in everything memory foam and latex.


And it is no wonder why she too has terribly stiff shoulders.

But my old king size did nothing to cater to the knots on our shoulders and lower back.

On my neighbor’s recommendation

When I tried the Caspar mattresses, I instantly fell in love with it, and surprise surprise so did the wife.

So let’s see if the Casper Mattress is the right match for you too.


Casper Sleep Mattress

Casper Sleep Mattress


Mattress specifications

100 pounds
80x76x10 inches
Removable and washable, Zip cover
72 hours
10-year limited warranty with 100 nights free trial


Casper Sleep Mattress Review


The 2018 version of the Casper Sleep Mattress came to my house neatly packed in a box.

What I noticed when setting it up was that the full 10 inches were uniquely designed by varying layers of foam and the latest iterative feature of an interior layer of zoned support.

Layer 1
I was immediately able to feel an upward bounce as soon as I laid down.

My stiff shoulders and lower back felt much more relaxed in a matter of moments.

This initial level of bounce is provided by the comfort layer which is constructed of a latex-like foam material.

While this section is quick to respond to pressure, it also allows the sleeper to sink in for that warm plush, hug feel.

Like latex, this foam also has excellent cooling properties, ensuring that (to my surprise) it evenly regulates my body temperature.


Layer 2
This layer is completely filled with memory foam, which I quickly learned to be the factor behind the classic body-contouring feel I was getting.

And just like the first this layer, it too aids in pressure relief.


Casper Sleep Mattress

Casper Sleep Mattress King size Review 2018


Layer 3

Perhaps the most critical segment of Casper’s 2018 edition of sleep mattresses.

This is where we find the zoned support I had mentioned above.

It’s built with two types of durable poly foam, with the softer variation located at the ends of the bed and the firmer one situated in the center.

This innovative design focuses specifically on spinal alignment and the pressure points in the lower back, making it all about stress relief.


Layer 4
The final layer is a foundational one as it is made of heavy-duty, high-density poly foam which gives the mattress its structure and the much-needed support and durability.


Casper Sleep Mattress 2018
Casper Sleep Mattress King size
Doesn’t Sleep Hot8.3
Motion Transfer7.8
Edge Support9.6
Material Durability8.2
Company Reputation8.7
Return Policy/Warranty7.5
FREE Shipping
Memory Foam
Premium hypoallergenic 100% waterproof
100 Night Trial period
Not feeling hot nor feeling cold
high price
Hometts Review
The Casper King size was one of the best mattress experiences I have ever had. With its unique hybrid of latex and foam, I do not doubt that it will keep me well rested and stress-free for all the nights to come. I hope you enjoyed my mattress guide today. And wish that it helped you decide on the right mattress for your needs. Till next time!
Casper Sleep Mattress


Casper Sleep Mattress Cover

I tend to move around a lot in my sleep, and that adversely tends to crinkle the mattress cover.

But what caught my eye about Casper is how its soft polyester blended cover is thick and snaps back into place quickly.

The cover did not bunch up no matter how much I moved.

Mattress comfort

Mattress comfort

Unlike the other standard mattresses in the market.

I found the Casper Sleep Mattress to be on the plusher side,

which without a doubt makes it ideal for side sleepers (which I am).

The luxurious hug feel comes at a comfort rating of 7.5 out of a possible 10.

Edge support

I am on the bulkier side of body types and requires a larger surface area on the bed to spread out on effectively.

The Casper sleep mattress, in this case, has got us both covered with its fantastic edge support.

I felt as safe and secure at the edges as I did at the center.



Casper Sleep Mattress: Back support

With the latest inclusion of the zoned support as a transitional layer.

The 2018 version of the Casper mattress is genuinely ahead of its time concerning back support.


I am not exaggerating when I say that I have never dreamed better.

No longer am I waking up stressed, and I feel more energetic and capable of tackling the hectic schedule at work.


Temperature regulation features

Temperature regulation features

With my experiences in memory foam (courtesy of the ex-foam mattresses in my life)

I was of the opinion that with Casper to I would be sleeping hot.


But delightfully that was not the case, as it is not just memory foam but a blend of foam and latex, as the memory foam contoured my body shape.

the latex foam kept me calm and well regulated throughout the night.


The polyester cover also plays a big hand in keeping the mattress fresh, well ventilated and dust free.

Is Casper Sleep Mattress the Right Choice for You?

The Casper Sleep Mattress may just be your pick for the day if:


1. You are a Side sleeper

The primary level of latex like foam creates a beautiful bounce for stressed-out bodies.

The warm hugging feel and the plush nature it additionally provides makes it perfect for sleepers who prefer to dream on their sides.


2. You build up a lot of stress over the day

The contouring function of memory foam when added to the stress relieving zoned support layer lets the mattress focus on your lower back to loosen the tightened knots.

If you are having a rough day then winding down on this mattress by the end of it will be pure bliss.


8.5 Total Score
Casper Sleep Mattress

The Casper mattresses provide exceptional edge support. If you share your king size with a partner and either one or both of you, tend to move a lot in sleep and require more sleep surface. Then with the Casper Sleep Mattress, you cannot possibly go wrong.

Hometts review
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