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Latex Mattress: The Definitive Guide

Then chances are you should look for a latex mattress.

Want to sleep on a cloud?

They are known for their soft material and their ability to show no signs of off-gassing when you’re sleeping on them.

No matter what size mattress you get, you need to know the features behind it to ensure that you have a comfortable sleeping experience.

In this guide, we´re going to help you determine what it takes to make the best latex sleeping mattress for you and your loved ones to rest on.

We’ll be taking a look at two of the best mattresses on the market, one of which is a mixed latex and foam model and the other of which is a latex hybrid.

Buying Guide

While you may have an idea in your mind on what makes a good latex mattress, there might be a few features that you’ve left out.

Read this section to help find out what makes a high-quality latex mattress.

If you don’t know what is the best mattress sizes for your bed follow this link.


What are the Types of Latex Mattress?

In general, latex is a fluid that’s found in a multitude of plants, When it’s exposed to air, the latex turns into a durable solid form,In the latex production phase, the sap of a rubber tree is used, and there are a few variants that you can choose from when you shop.

There are some important differences to keep in mind, so pay attention to ensure that the latex mattress you choose suits your personal needs like King mattress.

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Synthetic Latex

Synthetic latex is similar to natural latex when it comes to physical properties, However, it’s comprised of petrochemicals that mimic the natural appearance of natural latex.

Styrene-butadiene rubber is the main form of synthetic latex, and once you select this option, you can utilize its lower price.

Here are some pitfalls associated with synthetic latex.

  1. ⦁ Prone to off-gassing
  2. ⦁ Doesn’t have certifications from reputable institutes such as Oeko-Tex, ecoInstitut, and Greenguard
  3. ⦁ The material is more likely to tear than the natural material.
  4. ⦁ Less durability than the natural material.

natural latex mattress

Natural Latex is manufactured so that the final product remains pure, and this process shows you how natural latex is made.

  1. Latex liquid is extracted from rubber trees the same way that maple syrup is extracted from maple trees.
  2. The liquid is whipped up then placed in a mold.
  3. The mold enters a vulcanization oven.
  4. The latex foam is removed from the mold and is thoroughly washed.
  5. The product is heated to stop the moisture.

There are two processes on how Latex is made Dunlop and Talalay, Both can create materials with properties such as:

⦁ Minimal off-gassing
⦁ Last longer than other latex materials in the market.
⦁ Meets the most strict furniture emissions certificates.

🏆LUCID 10 Inch Latex Foam Mattress Review

Here’s one latex mattress that you should check out

Two-Layer Build

Back in 2012, LUCID released an innovative latex foam mattress that took the mattress industry by storm.

This was LUCID’s first ever 10-inch mattress to consist of a latex foam material and All the other mattress to come from LUCID tend to be made out of various types of memory foam.

When compared to memory foam, latex is much safer for you to sleep on because it contains smaller concentrations of chemicals, In fact, latex naturally supports your body, so any pressure point pain you may experience normally dissipates.

You can’t make the same claim when discussing memory foam mattresses.

Latex Mattress

Lucid Latex and Memory Foam Hybrid Memory Mattress Review

Tencel Blend Cover

The LUCID Latex Foam Mattress stands apart from other latex mattresses because of its two-layer build and The top layer consists of a Dunlop latex blend that measures to be 3-inches.

This layer is responsible for the comfort aspect of the LUCID Foam Mattress.

For instance, the top layer adheres to a ventilated foam design, which makes sure that the mattress does not retain any heat.

This means you can readily sleep comfortably every night without having to wake up because it’s too hot.

A lot of buyers compare the Dunlap latex blend with the 100% organic latex foam blend because they feel identical when you lay on them.

The ventilated foam design also causes the LUCID Mattress to respond to your body’s movements a lot quicker than an innerspring or memory foam mattress.

After you get through the top layer, the next layer of the LUCID Mattress consists of high-density support foam

that measures to be seven inches.

This support foam is what ensures the long lifespan of the mattress since it is the base.

You shouldn’t expect to sink on the LUCID Mattress because the high-density support foam base will prevent that from happening.

This layer does offer some soft support for your body, but don’t expect to feel trapped in it as you would in a memory foam mattress.


  • Comes with a Soft Cover
  • Certification: CertiPUR-US
  • All Around Latex Support
  • Available Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Queen, King, Full, California King
  • Two- Layers
  • Backed with a 25-year Warranty
LUCID 10 Inch Latex Foam Mattress Review
Value (Price)90
Doesn't Sleep Hot84
Motion Transfer78
Edge Support72
Company Reputation88
Return Policy/Warranty96
Lasts long
Forget about Nighttime Sweat
Strong Chemical Smell
Unclear Firmness Level
Hometts review
No matter what form of latex you choose, make sure that it’s able to support your weight and is comfortable to use.
Buy LUCID 10 Inch Latex Mattress Foam Amazon

Tencel Cover

Other than the two layers that come with the LUCID 10 Inch Latex Foam Mattress.

Another section of the mattress we need to discuss is the cover.

The fabric that this mattress is covered in is Tencel Blend, which is slowly becoming a cover preference for most mattress buyers.

Tencel Blend consists of highly absorbent fibers which are eco-friendly.

In fact, the fabrics naturally breathable design absorbs 50 percent more moisture than your standard cotton.

Since it constantly manages the moisture content on your mattress, it ends up providing anti-bacterial properties as well.

Almost all LUCID mattress feature this Tencel Blend cover, so it is not specific to the LUCID 10 Inch Latex Foam Mattress.

Firmness Level

If you have a preferred mattress firmness level, then you should use that as a guide while you’re mattress shopping.

For instance, the LUCID 10 Inch Latex Foam Mattress has a firmness grade of seven to eight, where one is the softest level, and ten is the firmest.

A seven to eight grade translates to a medium-firm mattress, which can be damaging for some people’s backs.

Those who require a high level of support when they sleep will find that the LUCID 10 Inch Latex Foam Mattress will serve as the ideal bed.

LUCID claims that its latex foam mattress has a medium firmness level, but many buyers don’t agree with this statement.

The LUCID Review

Customer Thoughts

Based on numerous customer reviews.

We found that a majority of buyers love sleeping on the LUCID because it ensures a calm nights sleep during these stifling summer months.

Since this isn’t a memory foam mattress but a latex one, a smaller level of heat gets absorbed while you sleep.

In fact

latex will not trap any heat, so hot sleepers can finally achieve a peaceful nights rest.

Some of the qualities that people dislike in a memory foam mattress are dealt with in a latex foam mattress.

A memory foam mattress tends to lack any response while you move your body around in bed.

This can make you feel suffocated, which can induce a panic attack while you sleep.

LUCID Latex Foam Mattress Review

Where is the Best Place to Purchase?

Buy Now From Amazon

We highly advise that you check out Amazon for ordering the LUCID, This is because Amazon ensures the best deals you could find online.

Amazon also works directly with LUCID, so the mattress that gets delivered to your door is directly from the manufacturer’s warehouse.

You could be sleeping on a LUCID  for a price tag of less than $400.

This is an investment you won’t want to walk away from especially since you spend one-third of your life on your mattress.

What is the Best Latex Mattress Sizes?

This table shows the average size for each latex mattress:

SizeDimensions Best For
Twin38 x 75Single adults, children, toddlers
Twin XL38 x 80Single adults, children, toddlers
Full/Double54 x 75Children, single adults
Queen60 x 80Couples, sleepers with children or pets, or single adults
King76 x 80Couples, couples with children/pets
California King72 x 84Couples, couples with children/pets

How to pick a best bed size dimensions

In this guide, you’re going to learn about how to choose the right mattress size.

How to Choose the Best Latex Mattress?

Trying to get the best latex mattress will take a bit of research and proactive shopping on your end.

However, it’s not as difficult as most seem.

This table below demonstrates the most prominent features you should look into when getting your first latex mattress:

Heat Retention⦁ Synthetic products are more likely to cause heat than other materials.
⦁ Talalay latex is made in a way that makes breathable chambers in the material to help with heat transfer.
⦁ Under 10% of latex sleeping, users find themselves sleeping hot.
⦁ Look at the various layers and analyze how they will perform individually
Comfort and Support⦁ Offers a mixture of support and contour to ensure that keeps your spine aligned
⦁ For support, the latex must become firmer when there’s more pressure applied.
⦁ Cradles the shoulders and hips and offers more lumbar support.
Durability⦁ Latex is the most durable products within the mattress industry.
⦁ Since they have various comfort layers, you can change one of the layers without having to replace the entire unit.
⦁ While synthetic materials are cheaper than the natural option, they don't last as long.
Offgassing⦁ Natural latex material doesn't show any signs of off-gassing.
⦁ High-quality foam is washed thoroughly, so plan on investing in it if the smell is an important preference for you.
⦁ If possible, pick an unglued product.
⦁ Don't get the synthetic material. They have certain components that are used during the manufacturing process that leads to off-gassing.
Company Reputation⦁ Take some time to look at the company’s mission statement and background. You can usually see this on the About Us section on the page.
⦁ You’ll see a correlation between the age of the company and their confidence to provide sleep trials. The more they’ve been in business, the more likely they are to accept customer feedback.
⦁ Don’t let the age of the company be the main deciding factor. Look at the mattress comparison guides online to see what’s out there. Reviews can give you firsthand knowledge of what previous customers had said about using the product.
Trials⦁ The trial period will determine if the company is confident behind their product. On average, trial products can last up to 200 days long.
Understanding ILD⦁ Usually, 12 is soft while 50 is a firm product. If you want a medium product, look for an ILD product that's between 21-30. Remember, when shopping for a mattress we're referring to the ILD as a single unit. As you analyze the layers, you will notice the smaller numbers at the comfort level.


Mattress Care And Protectors

Latex Mattress Toppers and Protectors

A mattress topper is a small piece of latex that’s placed on top of the existing mattress and Toppers have the same sizing as a mattress (King, Queen, and Single).

Latex mattress toppers are less expensive than the mattress, which leads to some shoppers thinking that its a good alternative.

The latex topper offers the comfort of latex at a fraction of the cost of a new mattress.

But there are some situations when your latex mattress Toppers and Protectors might not always be the most viable option:

⦁ Limited Efficiency: The latex topper on non-latex mattresses won’t produce the same effect that a latex mattress might give you.

And, if the mattress is old, the latex topper might not help much.

For instance, an innerspring mattress will start to sag uncontrollably – regardless if you place a mattress protector on it or not.

⦁ The Protector Can Move on Top of the Mattress: Most toppers are unable to secure themselves on the mattress.

So when you place your mattress topper without any support, expect for it to move around.

It might bundle up or shift to one side.

Regardless, the movement might hinder you sleep and require you to adjust it periodically before going to bed.

⦁ You might need a new mattress pad or sheets: The topper adds height to the mattress.

Since your sheets are in perfectly tight fit, you might need to buy a new one to accommodate for the height of the mattress.

Or, you can buy a mattress pad and place it on top of the topper to so that it stays secure on the mattress.

This will increase the height of the mattress further and might require custom sheets.

Latex Mattress Care

Cleaning up your mattress isn’t as difficult as it sounds, and even the worst mistakes can be cleaned up with the right household ingredients.

Latex Mattress Care

Latex Mattress Care

Taking proper care of your mattress ensures that it will last a long time to come, which can end up saving you a significant sum of money in the long run.

Follow these tips to ensure that your latex mattress is cared for properly.

Tough Stains

To clean challenging stains, we suggest that you use natural cleaning options.

This ensures that your mattress can remove the stain without causing any form of discoloration on the mattress.

How Can I Naturally Clean the Mattress?

If there are stains in the mattress, here’s how you can remove lighter urine, blood, or dirt stains from the:

  1. 1-2 tbsp of hydrogen peroxide
  2. 1 part dishwashing soap
  3. 1 part baking soda and table salt

To remove lighter stains and dirt, place a few drops of the solution in the fabric of the mattress, and let it air dry.

Use a dry, wet rag or and take off any extra residue.

How Can I Naturally Clean the Mattress

How Can I Naturally Clean the Mattress

You need to test the DIY stain remover on a small section first.

And with the natural fibers in play, the stain remover will clean the affected section more than intended, which results in a more bleached spot.

Start using a mild mix and sprinkle it around slowly.

Lucid Mattress 10 Inch Queen Latex Hybrid Mattress

Lucid Mattress 10 Inch Queen Latex Hybrid Mattress


Lucid Mattress 10 Inch Queen Latex Hybrid Mattress

This Lucid Mattress is a hybrid model that is made of latex and memory foam, giving you the best of both worlds.

Thanks to the use of latex in this model, you’ll find that it’s a bit firmer than some of the other products that are on offer from Lucid.

This model is also incredibly versatile since it can be used on a wide range of surfaces.


The Lucid Mattress Queen Latex Hybrid Mattress is created with 10 inches of foam for a pressure relieving sleep.

This construction does not only help make the bed affordable.


Also highlights its the bed’s memory foam – which are its sinkage and body contouring properties.

A combination of memory foam and natural latex means that you’ll have the perfect amount of support for your needs without too much give in the bed itself.

Having a blend of the right materials ensures that the Lucid mattress can provide adequate edge support so that you can sit on the bed.


positioned in between two layers of foam.

This ensures that your movements won’t be transferred to your partner.

Giving you the needed motion isolation to enjoy a night’s sleep.

Even when you have different sleep schedules.

The Lucid hybrid mattress uses only certified memory foam.

So you can rest assured that this mattress will provide comfort and relaxation for whoever sleeps on it.



When it comes to firmness, the Lucid Mattress has a 7 rating.

While the soft section uses its body contouring for comfort and relief, the poly-foam in the base counteracts the sinkage with firm body support.

The foam construction makes this mattress useful for side sleepers, who will like the relief that the mattress gives the hips and shoulders.

Thus, making it a great mattress for those who can benefit from its pressure relieving properties.


Another thing to search for in your next mattress is a suitable degree of durability.

As that will ensure that it lasts you a reasonable period of time before needing replacement.

Thanks to the high-quality materials that are used in the making of this mattress, it won’t be falling apart anytime soon.

Even if you end up having problems with the integrity of your mattress,

you’ll be happy to hear that this model comes included with a ten-year warranty.


Customer Thoughts

Most buyers were impressed by the build quality of this mattress, as all of the seams are well-made and it is relatively easy to get out of the packaging.
Of course, the construction of this mattress is responsible for most of the praise, and it has to do with more than just how well it’s put together.

This mattress’ hybrid construction makes it attractive to buyers who like a mix of firm and soft characteristics.

Since the top layer is made out of memory foam.

In the making of this mattress are certified, so you can rest assured that this is a safe product to sleep on.

Overall, people were impressed with this mattress, and it had an excellent average consumer rating.


Lucid Mattress Queen Latex Hybrid Mattress
Hometts review
Improves posture over time and reduces back pain its Great option.
Value (Price)8.1
Doesn't Sleep Hot8.7
Motion Transfer7.6
Edge Support8.9
Company Reputation8.9
Return Policy/Warranty8.6
Conforms to the body shape with proper spine alignment
Minimal motion transfer making it great for couples
No off-gassing or odor
Resistant to dust mites and allergens
Too much firmness for stomach sleepers
Doesn’t use spring. So if you want an innerspring mattress
Lucid is not for you.
LUCID 10 Inch Queen Latex Hybrid Mattress

How i can Deodorizing and Light Cleaning the Mattress?

You can clean up your mattress quickly, or simply freshen it up.

Step 1: Strip the bed from its covers and other components and place a layer of baking soda throughout the entire mattress.

Allow it to sit for at least 30 minutes.

The baking soda draws out the dirt, odors, and moisture out of the surface and the fabric materials under it (latex, cotton, wool).

Step 2: Grab a vacuum cleaner and clean up the remaining baking soda on the mattress.

If you like using fragrance, you can place a few drops of your favorite oils in the baking soda before placing it on the mattress.

Lemon oil and lavender work particularly well.

Pet & Human Urine

We suggest that you use a mattress pad and a waterproof mattress protector when letting your children use any mattress.

If you are unable to obtain one and your child wet the bed accidentally, then you need to clean it up immediately.

The longer the odor remains on the mattress, the lower the chances you’ll be able to remove the urine completely.


To remove urine from the mattress, we suggest that you use an enzymatic cleaner.

Most enzymatic cleaners are used to remove the spots or stains that humans or pets make.

This solution must be used to remove the uric acid clean your mattress and remove the uric acid.

How i can Cleaning the Mattress from pet

Here what you should do if someone pees in the bed:

 1: Remove the mattress’ bedding (comforter, sheets, etc.).

Start by using towels to blot the urine that’s on the mattress.

2: Grab the baking soda and start to place it on the damp area to start removing the urine.

Let it stay on the mattress for at least 10 minutes.

3: Now, you can use the enzyme cleaner to remove the remaining urine parts in the mattress.

Spray enough of the cleaner to cover the affected area of the mattress and allow it to sit for at least 5 minutes.

4: Using different towels, wipe the mattress until its dry again.

5: Sprinkle the mattress with baking soda, open the windows and turn on the fans, and allow the mattress to air dry overnight.

6: Lastly (at least 24-48 hours later).

Use a vacuum to clean up any additional baking soda and residue and set the mattress upwards so it can dry completely.

Also, sunlight is another sterilizer and natural remover. You can place your mattresses outdoors, preferably on indirect sunlight.

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How to Cleaning a Vomit?

If the unexpected event that you or someone has vomited on your mattress, here is how you can fix it:

⦁ Hopefully, your mattress has sheets on it.

If so, you can use it to remove the solids from it.

If not, then grab a pair of gloves, a trash bag, and then use paper towels to remove any solids placed on the mattress.

⦁ Use a dry towel to blot out fluids that are placed on the mattress.

⦁ Place baking soda on the affected area and let it stay for about 10-15 minutes.

⦁ With your enzyme cleaner, spray the affected area and allow it to stay for a few minutes.

⦁ Blot out the mattress, and place more baking soda on top of it.
⦁ Let the latex mattress air dry over the evening.


How to Cleaning a Blood?

Blood is a stain that needs to be removed with enzymatic cleaners.

But, it’s better to use peroxide in these situations:

⦁ Start by squirting hydrogen peroxide on the affected area.

Make sure you use a little as you can while having the bubbling action once it’s on the blood.

(Alternatively, you can use a meat tenderizer if you don’t have hydrogen peroxide.

The tenderizer enzymes help to dissolve the protein bonds that are stored in the blood).

⦁ When the bubbling stops, use a dry towel to blot the peroxide up.
⦁ Use the enzymatic cleaner and allow it to sit for a few minutes.
⦁ Wipe the first area with a damp towel, then use a dry to take the moisture.


To conclude, we’ve helped you find out How to Choose the best latex mattress.

Check for its features, sizing, and the type of material (natural, or synthetic) to ensure that it suits your preferences.

By following this guide, you’ll find a good latex mattress for you and your family to rest on.

Firmness Level

If you have a preferred mattress firmness level, then you should use that as a guide while you’re mattress shopping.

For instance, the LUCID 10 Inch Latex Foam Mattress has a firmness grade of seven to eight, where one is the softest level, and ten is the firmest.

A seven to eight grade translates to a medium-firm mattress, which can be damaging for some people’s backs.

Those who require a high level of support when they sleep will find that the LUCID 10 Inch Latex Foam Mattress will serve as the ideal bed.

LUCID claims that its latex foam mattress has a medium firmness level, but many buyers don’t agree with this statement.

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latex mattress

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