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The Best Mattress For Back Pain ( New 2018 )

The Best Mattress For Back Pain ( New 2018 )

Best Mattress For Back Pain Relief

Do you suffer from back pain?


Whatever your positivity, let me give you more information about this.

Few ailments can ruin what otherwise would be a good night’s sleep quite like back pain.

Your back is the epicenter of comfort, and when you are having problems, it is likely to influence every part of your day and night.

The Challenge for the best Mattress For Back Pain Relief

We know it’s hard to pick a piece of furniture.

Especially one that plays such a central role in your day to day life like a mattress.

It’s tempting to skimp on cost in favor of something more easily accessible.

But the reality is that any purchase related to your personal health and home decor is a compounded investment.

On the one hand, if you cut corners, you may be able to fill your home with more pieces that “get the job done” but in the end leave you disappointed.

For instance, it’s hard to compare a cot to a real mattress in any way besides price and portability. Sure, you’ll be able to sleep on a futon or your guests could, but the experience it offers is far lower quality when compared to a mattress.

best Mattress For Back Pain Relief

The best mattress for back pain will be one that conforms to the contours of your body.

It should be solid with it being able to manipulate or hold your weight in an even or specially set manner.  

Some mattresses are overly complex and can shift or move with the press of a button, but those run in the higher end and can experience technical issues.

It is important to get a good ranking that has some features:

  • Reasonable price
  • Protection Layers
  • Low shipping
  • High ratings
  • And his reputation is good

Contrary to what many may think, a higher price doesn’t always mean a better mattress.

We’ve found one option that after thousands of tests, users, and feedback has proven to be amongst the best of the best.

Onto The Review Itself: The Sweetnight Queen Mattress

As far as mattresses go, few can compare to the Sweetnight Queen Mattress.

Its the perfect mix of size, cost, and comfort wrapped up into one.

  1. Superior All-Foam Build
  2. Free Of Any Dangerous Chemicals
  3. Top Tier Customer Service
  4. Flexible Warranty
Queen Mattress,Sweetnight

Superior All-Foam Build

If you’re unfamiliar with the composition of a mattress, it matters much more than you think.

Before we go into why a foam based mattress is the best for back pain, let’s look at the opposite.

Superior All-Foam Build

Spring mattresses were the norm for the longest.

They were inexpensive, relatively easy to build, and usually not extremely heavy. While they got the job done, their level of comfort dissipated heavily in time and came with a host of other problems.

Spring mattresses offer an abysmal amount of support in comparison.

Most of the time, they lose almost 25% of their ability to hold body weight within the first year and start to sink within a couple of years after.

Many spring mattress also can’t help with pressure areas that can exasperate back pain symptoms and spinal misalignments.

Each spring is made to exert the same amount of hold, so it makes it hard to find more comfortable areas, especially if a spring becomes damaged.

That’s where the Sweetnight Queen Mattress makes its mark as the best mattress for back pain.

Sweetnight Queen Mattress


Its built with a complete foam build that makes it much more effective in dissipating body heat, a pressure exerted on the mattress (and your body) and transforming to align your spine perfectly.

With three complementary layers, each fulfills an essential function to ensure your comfort.


Free Of Any & All Negative Chemicals

Just because the mattress is labeled, “natural” or “green” doesn’t mean that it’s healthy for you.

As a shopper, you need to find a bed that’s free of any harmful chemicals. This can come in more forms that you may be expecting.

Let’s take a look at one of the manipulative tactics the mattress industry utilizes.


Greenwashing is a commonly used term in the mattress industry.

This is a tactic where manufacturers have one “green material” in the final product so they can say the mattress is “natural.”

An example of this is when the foam is made with soy.

Foam is mainly made with a high concentration of petrochemicals, But have a small amount of soy.

But this is enough to merit a “natural” label on the product.

Lastly, it’s important to note that ‘Eco-friendly,’ ‘Sustainable,’ and ‘Green’ labels don’t translate into a safe and healthy product.

Here are the questions you ask when looking for a natural, chemical-free mattress.


Does it have Flame Retardants?

Finding a mattress that’s free of flame retardants should be on the top of your list.

Some states have strict rules and regulation around flame retardant use in bedding and furniture.

You might find some mattresses that have very few flame retardants in them.


Does the Mattress contain cotton?

GMO crop means that it’s sprayed with glyphosate and has a longer lifespan than non-GMO material.

Glyphosate is a poisonous chemical and is linked to a multitude of health issues.

Looking over its effects until its too late can be easy.

If you plan on sleeping on your mattress for a third of the day, it’s recommended that you get one mattress that has organic cotton.


Does Your Mattress Contain Anti-Bacterial Chemicals?

You might think that a mattress that has anti-bacterial properties is a positive thing.

However, some anti-bacterial ingredients that are used in mattresses act as registered pesticides.

  • (Ultra Fresh and Staph-guard are two good examples)

Also, while the anti-bacteria might kill some of the bacteria, the rest of the bacteria will remain.

This can lead to the creation of chemical resistant bacteria on the sleeping surface.

So make sure that the next mattress you buy is either a high-quality anti-bacterial mattress or has an additional material used to protect it from outside chemicals.

Temperature regulation features

Does the Mattress Have Temperature Regulation Properties?

The quality of your mattress‘ temperature regulation capability does not only help the quality of your sleep but also protects you from becoming exposed to superfluous chemicals in the mattress.

Low-temperature mattresses are good if you are about to sleep, as the temperature helps relaxes the body, If you’re sleeping on a mattress that holds a lot of heat, chances are it will start to release additional toxins.

So you’ll have to look for a mattress that has more fibers and more breathable foams that don’t overly insulate by default.

By getting this mattress, you’ll find it easier to sleep peacefully and without any dangerous chemicals nearby.

Queen Mattress,Sweetnight
Mattress for Back Pain Relief
Value (Price)9.2
Motion Transfer 8.6
Company Reputation 8.9
Return Policy/Warranty8.4
FREE Shipping
Foam Construction
Good Price
product A little FLOODED
From the foam construction of the Sweetnight mattress all the way to the superior customer service that the company will provide, there aren’t many beds in this price range like this one. Mattresses that are made for back pain don’t have to be expensive, and this model proves it. We hope that this review has helped you decide whether or not this is the right Mattress for Back Pain.
Queen Mattress,Sweetnight

Quality Assessment

Like all mattresses, it needs to be judged based on its quality. Here is our quality assessment:

Comfort4.7The mattress contains 5 inches of comfort foam. The comfort layer can be split into a 3-zone design, which has a firmer middle part to reduce stress from the joints.
Support4.4With 3 inches of high-density support foam, the Sweetnight is a good choice for soft to firm side sleepers.
Value (Price)4.8A twin sized Sweetnight mattress is around $318 while the king size mattress is $568.Since you can receive the best of what they offer for under $600,
Motion Transfer4.6The mattress’ layers do a great job at isolating movement and absorbs any bounces or pumps your partner might stir up.
Materials/Durability4.5Sweetnight's foam material is good for couples that are sleeping together. Its materials are used to alleviate stress, pain, and pressure points within the body.
Company Reputation4.6Sweetnight has been in the mattress industry for over eight years. With their innovative mattress technology and extensive customer service, they received positive reviews so far.
Return Policy/Warranty4.7Sweenight offers a 10-year limited warranty for all of its products. While this gives you enough time to seek a replacement, we would have liked a Lifetime warranty for this.

A Budget Mattress for Back Pain

When looking for the best mattress for back support, you’ll want to make sure that it’s within your price range. While everyone has a different budget when it comes to their bed, it’s always worth it to save a bit of money on your mattress, especially if you can maintain the same level of quality as a pricier one.


Not the Downside You Would Expect

The Sweetnight mattress’ low price is only a downside if it affects the build quality adversely, and that’s simply not the case. When it comes to saving money on the production of a product, a company can either opt to reduce quality or to cut out unnecessary features, and Sweetnight has chosen the latter path.



Build quality in a mattress means that it should be able to last for its entire expected 10-year lifespan, or even longer if you take care of it. Since you won’t have to purchase a new mattress for such an extended period, you’ll also end up saving money on mattress replacement in the long run.

Customer Support

Responsive Customer Support & Product Responsibility

When looking for the best mattress around, you won’t only want to look at the product itself, but also the company that’s making it.

If you buy your mattress from a manufacturer you know to be trustworthy, then you’ll be more likely to end up with a quality product, but that isn’t the only benefit.


You’ll find that the representatives from the customer service department of a mattress company can determine whether or not they’ll honor that guarantee that you were promised upon purchase.

Warranties and money-back offers won’t mean much if they can’t be honored in the first place due to some stringent term in the service. It’s a problem that the Sweetnight Queen Mattress doesn’t have.


Let me tell you some basic information about:

  • Customer Service
  • Shipping
  • Eco-Friendliness
  • Your Experience Matters


Customer Service

In fact, the most tangible gain that you get when you opt for a superior mattress maker such as Sweetnight is in the quality of customer service. Online mattress sales are a domain in which customer service plays an integral role because of the likelihood that you may need to return your product if you’re unsatisfied or it’s defective.



Even when you haven’t yet received your product, you’ll find that Sweetnight will cater to your needs.

These mattresses are shipped directly to you from Texas, and they’re guaranteed to arrive at your home within a week, with a minimum delivery time of four days, much quicker than competitors.



If you’re looking for a mattress that you don’t have to feel guilty about, then you’ll love that this model features CertiPUR approval, so you can rest assured that the materials are sourced responsibly.

In the end, we all have to do our parts to make the world a cleaner place, and mattresses are an ideal place to start.


Your Experience Matters

As you can see, Sweetnight cares about the experience of their customers, and it makes sense when you think about it from their point of view.

The company wants their customers to be as satisfied as possible because that improves the likelihood that they’ll be recommended to friends and relatives.


Of course, there’s more to a quality bed than just customer service and eco-friendliness, but that’s part of what makes the Sweetnight mattress one of the best options on the market.

Since this model blends excellent construction with these strengths, it’s both comfortable and convenient.


8.5 Total Score
Best Mattress for Back Pain Relief ( New 2018 )

On average, the mattress has over a 4.5 rating. In comparison to competing mattresses, the Sweetnight passes all of our expectations. Due to its quality, performance, and overall utility, you'll be able to use this mattress for at MINIMUM 4-5 years without any differences in its quality.

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