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Top 10 Best Mattress Reviews ( New Brands 2018 )

Top 10 Best Mattress

Today I will be telling you About Top 10 Best Mattress Reviews.

But before we start, let me tell you something!

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Hi, this is William, and welcome to my review on to the Top 10 Best Mattress on Hometts.
William OlsenWilliam Olsen

Top 10 Best Mattress Reviews ( New Brands 2018 )

Let me tell you something before we start evaluating these mattresses, There are many different species to choose the right mattress for you.

For example; the Natural Latex Mattress It gives the best mix of elasticity and breathability for increased comfort and relaxation.

But also I searched a lot to find you what is the best.

The list of Top 10 Best Mattress It has been identified as the best among many mattresses.

So Let’s get started…

1.Zinus Responsive Memory Foam 10 Inch mattress


If you are against memory foam mattresses, then the Signature brand of Sleep Coil MattressesArrives neatly packed in a box, the Zinus Responsive Memory Foam 10 Inch mattress is a crowd pleaser of sorts.

This 10 inch of comfort comes with a 2-inch Visco latex responsive foam, 1-inch memory foam, 2-inch support foam and a 5-inch high-density base foam all wrapped in a soft, luxurious cover.

As the memory foam effectively contours your body, the Viscolatex adds the much-needed bounce and support which helps in pressure relief.

The support foam forms the transitional layer that does not let the sleeper sink in too much into the mattress. And the high-density base support gives the mattress a stable structure and durability.

Zinus 10 Viscolatex Memory Foam Mattress Queen
Zinus Mattress Review
Patented compression technology allows the mattresses to be compressed
Rolled and shipped in a box via FedEx
All foam is CertiPUR-US Certified for durability
and content
Remains odor free under the most humid conditions
Excellent price
Memory foam mattress tends to get very hot if it doesn’t have proper airflow through the layers.
What is genuinely unique to Zinus is the use of green tea, charcoal and natural plant oil for minimal use of a petrol based chemical that works to eliminate odors.
Buy Zinus Mattress

2.Signature Sleep Coil Mattress ( Best Mattress )


might just be the right pick for you.

Comes in the 10 inch and 8 inches layered sizes, Signature is a pioneer in everything coil and comfort.

Two layers of high-density foam encase the coils in the middle, these foam layers give the sleepers a plush embracing feel, making it ideal for side sleepers.

The encased pocketed coils act as stress relievers that focus on your lower back and contours and supports the stressed-out muscles.

It equally distributes any weight throughout the mattress and is very reliable when it comes to minimizing motion transfer.

Signature Sleep Mattress king size
Signature Sleep Coil Mattress
Coil based mattress evenly distributes the sleeper's weight to help in contouring and limiting motion transfer.
The layers are made with low VOC CertiPUR-US certified foam which is free of PBDEs
The softer 10-inch model is ideal for side sleepers
Nothing that comes to mind.
The cover is made up of a highly breathable knit fabric that is soft to the touch. The cover additionally keeps the mattress well ventilated, so that you do not sleep hot no matter how warm the temperature.
Buy Signature Sleep Coil Mattress

3.Live and Sleep Resort Sleep Classic 10 inch mattress

If you are sensitive to a lot of allergens especially synthetic fabric, then Live and Sleep’s Resort Sleep Classic 10 inch mattress has got you covered.

Made of Natural antimicrobial, hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant materials, the Resort Sleep has an added fine linen cover that provides the optimum level of comfort to any sleeper.

As the topper conforms to your body shape when lying down, the dual elements provide the much-needed posture support and even eases motion distribution.

The Eco-Friendly viscose cushion and HD bottom base give the ideal orthopedic support to sleepers who chose to lie on their stomachs.

Medium Firm Memory
Live and Sleep Resort Sleep Classic
CertiPUR-US certified antimicrobial
hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant materials keep the mattress dust free and germ-free for a very long time.
6.5 comfort rating and the HD bottom base makes it ideal for stomach sleepers.
The use of memory foam in the mattress might make you wake up sweaty
as you might sleep hot under humid conditions.
The Live and Sleep Resort Sleep Classic comes with an overwhelming 20-year warranty as compared to the 10 by other mattresses. It even provides a 30-day full refund guarantee trial.
Buy Live and Sleep Resort Sleep Classic

Are You Looking For the Best mattress With Big size?

We are always looking for you for the Best Mattress!

And we have looked well for The Best King Mattress Comfortable and meets your need.

So we have reviewed King Mattress from Tuft & Needle.

Follow the link below to see our assessment on this mattress.

King Mattress

Tuft & Needle ( Review 2018 )

This is the best mattress we have seen By the large size And at an appropriate price For everyone.



4.LUCID 5 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress


LUCID tries to address the temperature regulation issue of memory foam mattresses by creating their own brand of gel infused memory foam.

Using the principle of a dual system, the first layer is a 1” gel memory foam that creates a cool sleep experience that conforms to your sleeping body to relieve stress from various pressure points.

The gel absorbs the unwanted temperature from your body and regulates it throughout the night.

The 2nd layer is made of a supporting foam base that provides a stable structure to the mattress body and maintains its durability.

It offers an upward force spread out equally no matter the weight placed on it.

Gel Memory Foam Mattress
LUCID 5 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress
The dual system incorporates a CertiPUR-US certified gel foam that solves the memory foam heating issues.
The 5” thickness of the mattress may be an issue for some customers who want to have a softer sleeping experience.
This bounce helps in maintaining a standard level of comfort making it agreeable to all types of sleepers may it be back, stomach or side. The support layer also makes sure that the sleeper does not sink in too far towards the base.
Buy LUCID Gel Memory Foam Mattress

5.LINENSPA 10 Inch Latex Hybrid Mattress


For that, just right medium-firm level of comfort why look anywhere else when the LINENSPA 10 Inch Latex Hybrid Mattress delivers just that.

Ideal for back and stomach sleepers LINENSPA incorporates a 4 layered, unique hybrid structure of foamed coils and latex into their mattress.

Making this mattress surprisingly responsive and supportive additionally allowing it to conform to the natural curves of the body without giving the sink-in feel of memory foam.

The supportive base consists of a 7 inch individually encased steel coil structure that is perfect for isolating motion.

If you are a light sleep sharing a bed with a fidgety partner, the coils will not let you feel any of your partner’s movements.

Latex Hybrid Mattress
LINENSPA 10 Inch Latex Hybrid Mattress
The coil base gives the mattress a medium-firm level of comfort which is ideal for stomach and back sleepers.
The latex foam will keep you fresh and relaxed throughout the night if you tend to sleep hot.
The lack of the plush
warm hug feel can drive off those who tend to sleep on their sides.
To top it all off the whole mattress is provided a two-tone cover that will give your bed an aesthetic appeal.
Buy LINENSPA Latex Hybrid Mattress

Wait, Best Mattress Not just here

The LINENSPA Latex Hybrid Mattress is Of natural mattress.

Do you have enough information about natural mattresses?

We wrote a lot of great information about natural mattresses, Which is what you can become an expert mattress Person to always choose the best mattress for your home.

Latex Mattress

The Definitive Guide

In this guide, we´re going to help you determine what it takes to make the best latex sleeping mattress for you and your loved ones to rest on.

6.Live and Sleep Resort Ultra 12 inch Mattress

Another great Live and Sleep on our list today, but this time it is the Resort Ultra 12 inch mattress.

What Live and Sleep do with this one, is add a bit more luxury to it.

For that unique deluxe feel, the Resort Ultra comes with a cushion of 2.5” Premium Air-Flow memory foam over a 1” Gel-Infused Visco plus supported by an 8.5” of High-Density poly foam.

The gel infused Visco keeps the memory foam cool which tends to get hotter the more body heat it absorbs.

The cover is made of high-quality linen which is easily removable and washable & works on any home bedroom furniture bed frame, box spring or futon.

h Medium-Firm Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattres
Live and Sleep Resort Ultra ( Best Mattress )
The Gel-Infused Visco plus will keep you fresh even in the hottest nights. You don't have to worry about breaking into sweats as you sleep.
8.5-inch high-density poly foam makes the mattress very durable and quick to retain its original shape after being rolled and boxed.
None that come to mind.
Together with the visco gel, the cover keeps the mattress well ventilated and cool throughout the night and additionally comes with a CertiPUR-US certification.
Buy Live and Sleep Resort Ultra

7.Zinus Extra Firm iCoil 10 Inch mattress


When we talk about The Best Mattress This is one of them.

As the product name would suggest, it is a firmer version of the Zinus mattresses on the list.

Explicitly made with back sleepers in mind, the extra firm ICoil mattress comes in 10 and 12-inch thicknesses and is prepared to specialize in stress relief.

Compared to the Responsive Memory foam model, iCoil is based entirely around layers of encased pocketed coils.


Zinus doesn’t stop there; to aid your stress relief experience further, they provide an additional 10% more individually wrapped I Coils in the core of the mattress.

Zinus10 Inch mattress
The coil based structure doesn’t have the same temperature regulation issues that memory foam mattresses have.
The extra 10% iCoils go a long way in relieving you of all the stress of a hard and weary day.
Even with the plusher 12-inch model
side sleepers would still shy away from this product.
The extra coils further advance the unknotting of the stiff pressure zones in your shoulders and lower backs even minimizing motion transfer to a great extent. In all respects, this model sounds very attractive to light sleepers who tend to sleep on their backs and share their beds with partners who move a lot in their sleep.
Buy Zinus mattress


8.Dreamfoam Bedding Dream 9-Inch Two-Sided Mattress


The US manufactured Dreamfoam Bedding Dream 9-Inch Two-Sided Mattress comes with a layer of quilting and foam on each of its side.

This provides for a softer sleeping surface that minimizes the sensation of its innerspring core.

Made with spring technology, it has an advanced pocketed spring construction with up to 1015 individually-wrapped coils.

The unique feature of the individually wrapped coils lies in how they move separately and not together.

This evens out the weight distribution and provides different levels of upward bounce in different zones of the body, depending on the resting weight.

And it goes without saying, that this special bounce force allows the mattress to contour your sleeping body and aid in stress relief from pressure point.

Mattress Made in the USA
Dreamfoam Bedding Dream Mattress
Individually wrapped coils add for great innovative stride when it comes to limiting motion transfer.
You do not have to worry about a partner that moves a lot in bed.
A layer of quilting and foam on both sides lets you turn the mattress over and use it to increase mattress longevity.
None that pop up.
The separate movements of the coils isolate motion at the source and do not allow for much motion transfer.
Buy Dreamfoam Bedding Dream Mattress

9.Smith & Oliver Oliver Smith Fur Mattress

If back and spinal issues plague you then worry not, the Smith & Oliver Oliver Smith Fur Mattress may just be the right choice for your needs.

Made with a coil base, the mattress is equipped with 15-gauge independent pocketed coils that keep it firm and suitable for sleepers with spinal trouble.

As the coils move individually to force, it can focus specifically on the pressure sensitive zones of the body like the lower back and the shoulders.

Stress tends to accumulate in knots in these regions, the reverse bounce and contouring of the springs help to loosen them up.

No more will you be waking up tired with stiff shoulders.

Smith & Oliver Mattress
The 100% natural organic cover and the aerated cool memory foam provides contouring and comfort along with keeping the mattress fresh and well ventilated.
The 15 gauge individually wrapped pocketed coils are ideal for sleepers who suffer from back and stress-related issues.
The individual motions of the coil
isolate body movement quite admirably.
The firm comfort level of above 7 (on a scale of 10) that the mattress provides does not give a warm hug feel that a side sleeper desires.
Not Bad
Buy Smith & Oliver Mattress

10.Ultimate Dreams 9" Verona Medium Firm EuroTop Mattress

We have reached the last product In the list of the top 10 of the best mattress.

Let me tell you a bit about the latest product!

It is quite rare for a mattress company to be versatile enough to provide different levels of comforts that can cater to every customer demands.

But the Ultimate Dreams does just that in their Verona model of mattresses.

Which are equipped with an 11” medium soft mattress, a 9” medium firm mattress and a 7” firm mattress”, thereby catering to all 3 types of sleepers!

The 9” medium firm we are discussing today is the crowd pleaser; it has a little something to provide to every sleeper.

It is not too firm for side sleepers neither is it too plush for back and stomach preferers, it is just the right level of comfort to cater to all.

Ultimate Dreams mattress twin 9 top mattress
Ultimate Dreams 9
Universal level of comfort that appeals to all customer base.
Can be upgraded to the 7” or 11” models according to user preference.
The weak memory foam heat regulation can be an issue if you live in warm and humid climates.
The Euro top provides the initial level of softness for the hugging feel, which side sleepers love. The 2” medium firm comfort foam adds the required firmness for those sleepers who prefer to lie on their back.
Buy Ultimate Dreams Mattress

We are done with Top 10 Best Mattress Reviews + New Brands in2018.

Do you suggest other additions to review?

Just write us in the comments.

William Olsen

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